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About UniqWork (The Work At Home Site Since 2002)

CashBack is.. When you shop via our site, we receive a sales commission and we pass it back to you as CashBack.

The - is International Web Sites Directory. More than 10 000 on-line shops, offering products and services in all categories.

CashBack - We offer a wide range of over 10 000 merchants who offer cashback and discounts on their online purchases. At UniqWork you will find the best rewards and money back offers.

Earn Real Money - You can get a small compensation for your 'Unique Work':
- for signing up for great free offers, online-surveys & free subscriptions (* only if you an Active Member);
- for install Android/iOS applications and online games  (* only if you an Active User);
- for promotion of our advertisers & referring friends!

Discounts, Promotions, Coupons - our site is not a "Service coupons", but you can always find promotional offers online stores, the information about the Sales and Discounts, Free Codes and Free Coupons.

Free Prizes, Freebies - You get the opportunity to Win Money and Many gifts, get lots of Free Prizes and Gadgets.

For Members

It's FREE to sign up. Once registered, you will be able to earn money every day by visiting us and taking part in new offers!

The Bonus for New Member is $3. Bonus $ 3 will be available for the payment after you have earned $10.

How works the 'Cash Back Program'?

BROWSE -> SHOPPING -> Get CashBack
a) Join for free and browse our thousands of advertisers and offers.
b) Click through to the advertiser's site and buy online as normal.
c) Advertisers pay us a commission and we pay this straight to you.

How works the 'Earn money Program'?

SEARCH -> Register/Visit -> Get Money
a) LogIn and browse thousands of sites of advertisers and their products / services.
b) Go to the advertiser's site (Vist Site) and/or register in their program.
c) Advertisers pay us a fee and we pay most of the money to you.

How works the 'Promotion partners'?

If you do not want to buy the products / services of our advertisers or register in their programs, you can earn the same reward if you advertise them online.
For example: you can save up to 5% of the money spent on the websites of Amazon, Booking, Aliexpress. If you do not make purchases on these sites, but advertise them, for purchases made by your friends, you get yourself into the account the same 5%.

How works the 'Referral Program'?

a) You will receive bonus $1 per new active referral (who earn at least $10).
b) You will receive
10% of referral earnings.
* The 'Referral' is a participant who enrolled in our program after clicking on the 'referral link'. (RefLink will be available after registration in our program)

When do I get paid?

You will be paid on a monthly basis once your account balance is greater than $0.10. If your account balance is less than $0.10 at the end of the month, the balance will be carried forward to the following month.

Terms of payment - up to 90 days.

All payments are sent via:
PayPal, WebMoneyTransfer, Skrill, PerfectMoney..
- Recharge mobile phone account.
- Bank Transfer..

The base currency is $ USA, but we can pay you EUR, GBP, RUB, UAH..

What are the main rules?

UniqWork is International program.
Each person can only sign up once (1 PC - 1 account), creating an account for him or herself, and may not establish an account on behalf of anyone else.
User must be at least 13 years of age to join.
Nor can accounts be transferred between people.
Members who attempt to defraud the our system or its advertisers will have their memberships and account balances forfeited immediately.

For Advertisers

We have a large number of participants looking to run your offer. Place your offer on UniqWork and receive Sales, Leads & Visits.

Types of advertising services we provide: Leads/Sales, Paid Emails, Banner Impression / Sponsor Links, Surveys and much more..

How does it works?
- Send to your link and the description of your advertising campaign.
- If your link is approved you will receive a mail from us.
- Pay for your advertising campaign and start it.

Email Policy

NO spam!!!
NO sell, buy, rent or trade email addresses with anyone. All personal information is stored by us securely. You can find more details in our anti-spam and privacy policy. Also you can unsubscribe from our emails or service.

Email Subscription Preferences
The emails are optional. We will send you emails to inform you of your transactions, updates to your enquiries and alerts. You can unsubscribe from our various email types at any time.

Site Unsubscribe
You can unsubscribe from the website at any time.

Privacy Policy

We treats member’s privacy very seriously and we do all that we can to ensure that the data held on our members is protected. The data collected or stored is used to allow us to offer cashback discounts and functions/services which relate to the provision of cashback. We aim to be very flexible and transparent in the use of users details.

Data Collected on Members
In order to register for our service, we only require an email address (and a password). Prior to sending any payments, we will also require details in order to make payment.
Members can choose to add some optional information to accounts, for example ‘Gender’, ‘Date of Birth’ which may be used to send relevant offers and deals. It is possible that we will wish to use customer information in unanticipated ways, not stated in our Privacy Policy. In this event, we will contact individuals before using the data for new purposes, so that the individual users may opt-out if they wish. If any user feels this site is not following its stated information policy, then they may inform us.

How Do We Share This Data
We do not pass users' personal data on to third parties, unless specifically requested to do so by the users or where it is a required to help obtain/track or validate cashback earnings.
On rare occasions personal data may also be disclosed if we are requested to do so by law, or receive a valid request for its disclosure – for example fraud prevention measures. These details passed on will not be used for marketing or any other purposes.

How Secure Your Data
We treat the security of your data extremely seriously and have a number of measures in place to ensure that your data isn’t compromised or accessed unless absolutely necessary to offer our services.

Email Settings
We do not send Junk Email or Spam! We may send emails with site updates or offers, but users will be able to specify the type of emails received from within their account. All of our emails contain a link which you can use to opt-out/unsubscribe from further emails of that nature.
A few of our service emails are essential to allow the use of UniqWork and so it is not possible to opt-out of receiving these.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of data or information that are stored by a users browser onto their hard-drive. The information cannot be seen by any other websites (so the information is secure) and is used by us to provide features to aid the use of our services.

Cookies are a standard method of registering user preferences when people use websites, to ensure a better and more personalised experience. These preferences are stored in a file on your computer's hard disk drive. We use both persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are cookies that stay on your computer permanently until you "manually" delete them. Session cookies delete themselves automatically when you leave a website and go to another one or shut down your browser. These carry no personal information about you. We also use a cookie to track your usage of our site so that we can improve your experience by learning what parts you like and what parts you don't like.

We recommend that all users enable cookies in their browsers in order to make full use of the site and in order to ensure that any purchases on third party sites are recorded. You may refuse to accept cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser software, however, if you do not have cookies enabled, third-party merchants will not record your purchases and you will not be able to earn CashBack from our service.


We have experience since 2002 & We understand that questions arise from time to time that have not been covered under this section. Simply, email us at and we will answer any questions you may have.

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